Welcome to Steak Bridie Friday™ To   get   straight   to   the   point,   we   think   the   best   way   to   celebrate   it   being   Friday   is   with   our   famous   Stephens   Steak Bridie.   A   few   years   ago,   one   of   our   Bridie   lovers   in   the   office   coined   the   term   and   ever   since   then   we   have   all embraced   the   tradition   with   Bridie   loving   arms.   In   his   words,   it’s   a   way   of   celebrating   the   end   of   the   week   with “meaty tasty awesomeness.” We couldn’t help but join him… So   we   thought   why   not   get   our   customers   to   join   the   fun?   Even   if   you   are   one   of   our   daily   Bridie   eaters, excitement looms every Friday from now on! We   currently   have   two   parts   to   Steak   Bridie   Friday   –   the   Mobiel   App   and   the   Scratchcard,   both   of   which   can   earn you   FREE   Steak   Bridies.   This   is   a   new   project   for   us,   so   we   would   love   to   hear   of   any   feedback   you   may   have; good, bad or otherwise. So to explain: The Steak Bridie Friday App Now to the good stuff…   With   the   Steak   Bridie   loyalty   app   you   can   be   earning   your   free   Steak   Bridies   EVERY   time   you   come   in.   Here’s how…   Now   when   you   visit   a   Stephens   shop   on   ANY   day   of   the   week,   you   earn   a   loyalty   stamp   on   your   app.   This   is   done by   simply   scanning   the   QR   code   displayed   in   the   shop.   On   Friday’s   you   earn   TWO   loyalty   stamps,   because   hey,   it’s the best day of the week – Steak Bridie Friday!   Once   your   card   is   full   (which   can   take   no   time   at   all),   ask   a   member   of   staff   to   redeem   your   card   on   a   Friday   and claim your reward on Steak Bridie Friday! It’s as simple as that. The Steak Bridie Friday Scratchcard Every   time   you   buy   one   of   our   famous   Steak   Bridies   on   a   Friday,   you   will   receive   a   scratch   card.      Simply   scratch   off the panel to see your reward. If   you   are   a   lucky   winner   of   a   FREE   steak   bridie   then   simply   redeem   your   reward   at   any   time   during   the   week   in one of our Stephens Shops or Direct Vans. If Bertie Bridie says you’ve won Hee Haw, visit the web link to claim your alternate prize (trust us – there is a real prize here!).  Better luck next Friday. Don’t    forget    to    share    your    good    news,    we    love    seeing    you    with    our    products    so    tag    us    on    Instagram @stephensbakery and hashtag #steakbridiefriday. Please see Terms and Conditions